Iyana Sade McEachern, Founder and President is a Freshman at Drexel University with a major in Biology. Iyana was inspired to create The Giving Bookshelf in middle school after reading a book and realized how much her love for reading had increased.    Iyana and yellow flowers                                
Iyana then thought about children who do not have books at home to read.  She began to research and discovered that many children especially those from low-income communities have limited access to books and are not read to from birth. These children are at greater risk for entering school unprepared. 
Realizing that reading is a key to success and every child deserves to have the opportunity to succeed, Iyana wanted to give books to children in inner-city daycare centers with the hope of increasing the chance for academic success. Iyana began to hold book drives and build bookshelves to donate to several day care centers that were in need of books.
So far, The Giving Bookshelf has donated over 5000 books and several bookshelves to inner-city daycare centers in addition to providing books for the children to take home to help build home libraries.